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Draw shapes with your brush to defeat enemies and bring your painting to life! Dodge projectiles, fight ink blobs, and explore the world you painted in this new Virtual Reality game. They say a picture is worth A Thousand Words, so why are you still reading? Download for free today!


  • Unique drawing system that fully utilizes VR motion controls. 
  • Wave based combat. Hold your ground and defend your artwork.
  • 3 expansive levels.


Developer: Elker Studios

  • Lawrence Glista
  • Elise Reynolds
  • Parker Wrzesinski
  • Ryan Wunderly

Install instructions

Supported Systems: Steam VR enabled systems like the vive, index, or Rift.

Download the zip, ensure you have SteamVR running and then double click the .exe file. Do not remove the .exe file from its file structure.


A_Thousand_Words.zip 559 MB

Development log


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Interesting looking game!

Unfortunately I must admit I'm not entirely sure how I actually start it... When I launch I find myself in a white room, with 6 patterns displayed in front of me, and a brush that I can pick up. However, I don't seem to be able to draw anything or progress past this part. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, as I really want to try this out.

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Hi Klawkins, what VR platform are you using? Once you pick up the brush you have to dab your paint pallet to select a color. Then you should be able to hold down the trigger in the brush hand to paint. If that doesn't work try setting down your brush by placing on pedestal and picking it up again.  If that still doesn't work please let us know so we can look into it!

The last issue I can think of is did you remove the .exe file from its file structure?  If the executable is moved then drawing will break.

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Ah I should have mentioned first that I was using a Samsung Odyssey+ (WMR) headset to launch the game. The headset is supposed work with SteamVR, but I wouldn't be surprised if its controllers handle a bit differently so perhaps it might not be compatible.

Aside from that though I didn't move the executable. I'll be sure to give it another go tomorrow to see if I can get the trigger working. Thank you for the help!